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History and progress so far

The Progect is led by Professor Allan Moore, at the University of Surrey in England. It began with a round robin email in early 2010, which generated expressions of interest from more than 30 academics worldwide. This website went live in Spring 2010. I am grateful to these colleagues for providing the ideas which form the substance of the following pages. In addition to publicising the project and its aims, the site also acts as the chief means of communication for all involved. While we have coverage for most of the areas identified within each of the themes, there is room for a few more contributors – please see the more detailed lists of coverage on individual theme pages.

We plan to hold a conference in the summer of 2012. The aim of the conference will be both to present work in progress, and also vigorously to debate it. Further details will be available on this site nearer the time.

We then plan to publish the results of The Progect, either as a book or as an extensive, permanent website, in late 2012 or early 2013.

Allan Moore, on behalf of The Progect

University of Surrey - May 2010

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