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The Progect: from Genesis to Reevaluation

What is/was progressive rock? This site is devoted to The Progect: from Genesis to Re-evaluation, an international academic project aimed at answering this question. If you read academic writing on progressive rock, then you will probably have something akin to the following picture of the phenomenon: 

  •  it was almost entirely a British development within popular music; 

  •  it was dominated by a small number of bands (Yes, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Jethro Tull, Genesis, Gentle Giant, Soft Machine, perhaps a few others) whose status has become canonic;

  •  it was a form of music predominantly consumed in the United States; 

  • it was historically situated between psychedelia and punk (in the early and mid 1970s), and has been effectively dead for a generation.

The aim of The Progect is to argue against, to demonstrate, and to provide evidence for, the extreme limitation of this view.

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